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PSC Video Files

Files of November 2015 and later are MP4 format. Your computer or device may or may not have a program set up for MP4 playback - you might need to install a media player app like VideoLAN (VLAN). Files of August 2015 and earlier are in WMV format and require Microsoft Windows Media Player 9 or higher.

Naming note: The November 2015 and later files have a 24-hour time value in their name that indicates when the video feed for a session has ended. So the November 3 file named "1019 Work Session" will contain video ending that day at 10:19 am, and the "1154 Work Session" file of the same day will be from a point after 10:19, and ending at 11:54. Such breaks can be a normal part of a single commission proceeding.

Video Files Available In Year 2015

Video Files Available In Years