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Due to the high level of public interest in NorthWestern Energy's Electric Rate Case (Docket D2018.2.12), the Montana Public Service Commission has instituted an email "watch" list for the public to be apprised of filings in this docket. To sign up for filing notifications, click here

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This search allows you search through our Information Tracking System's 10924 dockets. To prevent a long search time a starting date of 06/20/2017 has defaulted in the Date Filed Range below.

Some dockets will may contain links to electronic orders and documents in PDF format.

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Simple Search Searches docket case description & utility/applicant key words, limited to Docket # and filed date range.
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Understanding Search Field Entry:

Enter word and phrases with conditionals to match in the search.
Phrases are words in between quotes, where words have no quotes around them.
Ex: "This is a phrase", This is NOT a phrase.
Allowed conditionals are AND, OR and NOT. If you have only a space between word and phrases, the system assumes the conditional OR.
Ex: Rate Power Gas TURNS INTO Rate OR Power OR Gas. meaning results can match ANY word in the search.
Ex: Rate NOT Gas will match IF Rate is found AND Gas is NOT found. So GAS RATE won’t match that search, but POWER RATE will.

Will return values STARTING with what you enter. Do not use the asterisk * wildcard.
Ex: D2006.1 will match new documents associated to all dockets staring with D2006.1. It would match D2006.11.2, D2006.1.34 but NOT D2005.1.2.